The Layout

I am trying to do a fictional subdivision based loosely on CN Rail’s BC North Line (modern).  CN Rail is a conglomeration of rail companies now so there will be a mix of BC Rail, Wisconsin Central, Illinois Central, and other smaller railroad’s units and rolling stock.  Although northern BC is not occupied by the American military… yet… I have included an American military base on the layout.  This is partly because there is so much neat railway stuff for the US military and partly because I used to live in the UK which is still under American “occupation”.

The methanol plant will be based spiritually on the Methanol plant that is serviced by CN in the village of Kitimat, and the container terminal on the container terminal currently being run by Maher in Prince Rupert.  I hope to build a lumber mill which will address the lack of a chip hood on most store bought structures, and I am contemplating a multi-level table with a staging yard below utilizing a helix below the military base.

The layout is in the planning stage until I get the room ready for it to go into.  This is the preliminary design created using Kato’s Unitrack on Anyrail software.  Each box is 1ft square.  I have used a 3 ft wide table everywhere except the ocean where i hope to use an over the top reacher step ladder.  I went with 3ft instead of 2.5 as I am 6’3″ tall and have a decent reach.

People familiar with N scale should recognize the center of the layout as being based on the Kato’s Salt Lake Route featured in Model Railroader magazine.