VIA Rail Station

Ok I wanted to have a VIA Rail station but wanted something modern.  Most VIA stations in small towns have been shut down or put into portions of buildings.  When I saw the Kato-Faller North American Station I thought that would be a good start.  I didn’t need the island platforms, just the main station because my fictional town of Jamestown gets (almost) one VIA rail train a day just like the BC North Line.  [On the BC North Line VIA runs Wednesday, Friday and Sunday east; Monday, Thursday, and Saturday west; and Tuesdays off in Prince Rupert.]

Bulkley-Nechako A-20130610-00283

After building the main station I added some figures and a few candy/pop machines picked up off of The Detail Depot on Ebay.  Instead of decals for the VIA Rail sign I cropped an image off the internet, adjusted the colours and then printed it onto a sticker.  The same tactic was done for the “Jamestown” signs as I didn’t want to use the decals that came with the kit.  The roof does not look attached because it isn’t.  I was, and still am, contemplating lighting the building so left the roof loose for the moment.  I ordered some Microscale VIA rail engine decals and I will decorate the windows with VIA logos and Canadian flags to give the building a more realistic feel.  I really like the fake curtains in this kit and think it does add a lot to the realism.  The station only looks unlevel as the table it is sitting on is hand-scraped.

Via Rail sideVIA waiting side

VIA Office side

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