Two CN SD70M-2s – Road numbers 8872 and 8874


These are a couple of CN SD70M-2s done by Jeff at Milwaukee Road Train Shop.  What I had requested was light weathering and adaption to CN SD70M2s.  Most railroads vary with the equipment, and placement of that equipment, on their locomotives.  Customization on most factory models are needed to make a generic unit railroad specific.   Honestly I can not say enough good things about the job that Jeff did.  The photos and comments below are his except for those in square brackets.

First Update

This pair started as KCS in Southern Belle paint.
Whatever you see remaining in the body is just a stain. Red paint is especially bad at staining the plastic.
The goal has nothing to do with getting all the way back to bare clean plastic. This is quite often impossible anyway.
The goal is to remove any evidence of a prior design which would show through new paint, as a shadow. Not color wise. Just the edges. It is really amazing how little it takes to create a shadow line.
DSCF0002 1

Second Update

Here is a snapshot of progress.
Both are more or less at the same spot, work wise. So it is effective to show them like this one front left, the other right rear. Gives you an idea what is going on with both.
Mainly a bunch of holes. Also the sand fill cutes on the tail have been plugged. As has the high headlight location.
The headlight bezel now relocated to the nose.


Third Update

Completed a few more steps today.
Most of the hard ones actually.
1. Scribed lines to convert the cab to the isolated version.
2. Plugged the gaps for the UP style GPS dome and equipment.
3. Added all 4 marker lamps and pods
4. Fashioned a bumper / plow for the rear pilot.
>> What remains to be done from here is more or less standard details. The “CN Specific” stuff should be already present.
I also have a nice start on the M-2 conversion as well. With the ACe cabinet details already removed.
This becomes more of plugging in details than anything else.
sunday work

Fourth Update

Both are in the middle of paint application right now.
My goal is to exit paint today which should be possible. Given I am only waiting on the last color applied to dry. To shoot the final color (black) and be done with airbrush work.
Then we have a couple days of decals and finish details.
Thu_3 Thu_2 Thu_1
Fifth Update
Note the black is just a horrible color for photos. It looks like there is stuff all over it. Which I suppose there is. Dust and every imaginable thing from working on them.
Point being it is just ON the model. Not in the paint.
I blow them clean before I seal them up with clears.
Sat_1 Sat_4 Sat_3 Sat_2

Final Photos

[Honestly they look even bigger in real life than they do on the photos.  The light weathering does not really appear evident until you put the models next to a “factory” model.  Then the factory model just looks horrible and “toy-ish”]

CN887274_3 CN887274_1

CN887274_4 CN887274_5 CN887274_6 CN887274_2


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