RCMP Cruisers

Like most modern N scale modelers I really want a die cast North American modern police car.  This does not seem to be likely any time soon.  As a Canadian modeler I’d want this in RCMP colours.  With the RCMP licensing their logo this will probably never be likely.  I saw a YouTube video of a ghost car that was fantastic but there was nothing as far as a regular cruiser.  So, after searching the comments of dozens on N Scale sites I started with a pair of Atlas white Ford Taurus cars.  Not quite a Crown Victoria but… it’s N scale.


Next after looking at all the light bars I could source (or make) the Micro Metals 79 Chevy Impala Fire Chief seemed the best fit.


I then painted one of the lights blue on each light bar.  [I actually put a new coat on the blue after this photo was taken]


On one of my usual random searches of the internet I saw Brian from Lakeshore Model Trains had just completed an American version of what I was trying to accomplish.  See the link for the great job he did.

The decals I knew I was going to have to create but I hoped I would not have to do them from scratch.



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