Prince Rupert Grain SW1200

Without investing a whole lot of time and money into doing an exact relica, and then still not getting it right we decided to make a representative unit.  There are glaring issues with the undercarriage including the air and fuel tanks but… we work with what we got.  We are also limited in our scale, so unless we were going to design parts for a 3D printer to make we were never going to get it perfect.  Also, because this locomotive, as well as two other PRG locos, sit on land secured by the Prince Rupert Port Authority access to get pictures was limited so we had to rely on historical photos and guesswork.  I’m putting an actual photo at the top to show the rusty original.

As usual Jeff King a great job super detailing and painting.  We started with a Life Like CN SW1200 and Jeff found the Kato rain caps for the stacks in his parts bin.  As usual there were issues with the Life Like locomotive.  Straight out of the box (new) the headlights didn’t work.  I really wish I could throw away all my Life Like crap but until someone else starts making it we are stuck.

P1040404 PRG92_1 PRG92_2 PRG92_3 PRG92_4