Pinnacle Pellet Cars

The BC North Line primarily exists to transport lumber products to market, and as a transportation route from the rest of Canada to the Grain, Coal and Container ports in Prince Rupert.  The three main lumber products created here are cut lumber transported in Centerbeam Flat cars, wood chips destined for pulp mills transported in Woodchip cars, and wood pellets transported in Hoppers.  The local wood pellet producer is Pinnacle Pellets (now Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group) and they have a captive fleet of leased cars with their logo on.  There are several different leasing companies so I needed to get a variety of cars to get an accurate “feel”.  Also the logo placement and car numbers are not uniform.  I also wanted to capture this uniqueness of the cars.

AEX14505 GBRX36562 MWCX480325 FURX870034(3)

Dan from PWRS sourced me the model car bodies (ACF 5701 Plastics ACFX ARI-T Repaint #99675 and #99672) as they were no longer available from Atlas.


I knew I was going to have to create my own decals so I grabbed the logo off the Pinnacle site and shrank it down to scale.  I then went into a photo editor to manually colour in the lettering as the shrunken logo lost some of it’s definition.  What took the most time is tracking down and photographing similar cars which I could model.  I then scoured the font database for similar fonts for the road numbers.  Working in 800% view I placed the road numbers in relation to the logo for each car number I was re-creating.  Each road number had to be copied (1 for each side) and then a miniaturized road number for each end.

Decal Template