CN1501 converted RDC-1 as an Engineering Test Car

Ok.  I saw this last fall in Smithers yard and even though people had been telling me get one done for years it wasn’t until that moment that it struck me that it would make a good project.  Luckily there are still a few Kato RDC-1 models kicking around so sourcing the base wasn’t hard.  Now for the add-ons.  As this is a one of a kind car in real life and we all have to survive on a budget I resolved to totally write off the undercarriage.  The testing equipment was too unique and different to do from the base model to make it financially viable.  So we concentrated on the shell.  Again I commissioned Jeff King to do the work that I just don’t have the skill for.

First up to set up the blanks in the appropriate windows.  These windows in real life have been covered as there is now testing equipment, computers, and monitors where seats would have been.


And now for some colour.

CN1501_e CN1501_d CN1501_c CN1501_b CN1501_a

Hmm… I didn’t like how dark the roof was so let’s lighten it up and add in some shades to block out the sun from shining on those computer screens.

CN1501_4 CN1501_1 CN1501_2 CN1501_3

Here is why you should always learn from other people’s mistakes.  Jeff and I were working off of two different master photos which, although taken just over a year apart were vastly different.  Tons of changes had been made.  The strobes, the windshield wipers, etc.

The budget was exhausted and I just wasn’t happy.  The overhead headlights on the end were a definite mistake by Kato.  Also I just wasn’t happy with the end colour.  When I had seen the original just before dusk in the Smithers yard it appeared red red (as opposed to CN red).  Combine that with the lack of tinting on the windows, the windshield wipers upside down, etc…. there was only one thing left to do… double the budget and start again.

Round 2 – The reboot.  Note the change to the headlight casing

RDCreboot_1 RDCreboot_2 RDCreboot_3 RDCreboot_4

Now lets weather it up a bit and put the windshield wipers the right way up

CN1501_4reboot CN1501_1reboot CN1501_2reboot CN1501_3reboot

And lastly some lights

CN1501lights_2 CN1501lights_3 CN1501lights_4