This is a Tomix built-up building listed as a Mid-size Office Building.  There are two sets stickers inside though that come for a cinema or a sports store depending upon your preference.

Tomix Customised Cinema

Tomix Customised Cinema

I kept the name of the Cinema the same as the one on the sticker.  However the movie posters stickers were all in Japanese.  I scanned in the Japanese stickers and blanked out the movie posters.  I then downloaded movie poster images off of the internet and shrank them down to fit in the windows.  I printed these out onto white sticker paper and fitted them onto the windows.  Because I was able to pull the movie poster images from the internet I was able to pick a selection of my favorite movies that will always be playing.

For the window teller window I used a similar method.  I cut out the light blue-ish fake glass and just kept the brick part of the ticket office.  I cut the circles out of the fake windows and put them directly on the glass.  I also scanned in the Ticket Office sign and blanked out the Japanese and English wording.  I then replaced it with my own Ticket Office wording and printed it on white sticker paper.  Would have been better with a laser printer, but alas I don’t have unlimited resources.


I have listed this project as finished though I do realize I am missing air conditioner units.  Photos will be updated when I receive them.

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