BCOL 4612 Prototype

Day One

OK.. off to a rolling start here.
The next hurdle is to get as many vents as the GE has, that are practical.  Those sort of separate it from an EMD which has almost no vents at the rear, other than the radiator, obviously.
So far this is a bit shorter than the SD50F we started with.
One was probably an un-needed cut to take the cab off the hood.  I had some reason to do this when I did it.  But it evades me now.  No harm.  But that was one which was probably not really needed in the grand scheme of things.
The other was definitely required.  To shorten the cab up.  The EMD’s have a fairly substantial gap between the side windows and the side door.  The GE is pretty much like this.  It is just a shorter cab
The biggest thing accomplished thus far.  Other than mounting it to a GE chassis.  Is changing the circular fans to the cleaner GE fan grille.  Since we look at models top down on a layout.  This alone is a biggie.

C40-8M_c C40-8M_b C40-8M_a

I found great pics of the BCOL version.  Said to myself, uh-oh!  No cabinets.  Which is technically easier.  But I had already fitted the hood allowing for cabinets.

  That explains the fill bits on the hood side adjacent to the cab trailing edge.
  Like I said, not a huge error as errors go.  In the end it is better because the Dash 8-40CM cabinets are unlike the Dash 8-40C cabinets.  It would have been harder to cobble those than blank sheet metal, which is what a proper BCOL CM requires.


Day Two

Wishing I had taken a different path on the whole radiator area about now.  Because I think the rest of this is coming along pretty convincingly.

tues6 tues5 tues4 tues3 tues2 tues1

[Well.  We got to this stage and I just wasn’t loving it despite Jeff’s best efforts so we went back to the drawing board.  The air cylinders were too high and the rear vents “crowded” the circular window in the car body.  The difficult thing about kitbashing is that Jeff does not see these locomotives every day like I do and he is working with spare parts he’s collected over the years two timezones away from where I am.  So… expensive oops but we started with a fresh shell and engine.]

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