BC Rail C40-8M – Road Number BCOL 4612


This is a BCOL C40-8M done by Jeff at Milwaukee Road Train Shop.  What I had requested was the BCOL 4612 weathered to how it looks today.  This locomotive has never been factory produced in N scale, nor any shells done for this model so it was going to have to be a complete kit bash.  I’d like to also say we went for the spirit of the BCOL C40-8M without being an exact replica.  Artistic liberties have been taken.  We started out with a Kaslo Shops CN SD-50F shell sourced from Central Hobbies and an Atlas Dash 8-40Cw engine sourced from South Side Trains.  We wanted to start with a Kaslo Shops CN-60F shell but were unable to source one.  The project’s final version took Jeff a total of 49.5 hours.  I’ve spared most of the chatter we had back and forth and tried to just focus on the “meat” of our conversations.  The photos and comments are Jeff’s except those in square brackets.

Please be patient when the Final Version page is loading.  There are lots of photos


Final Version

The Comparison

Questions answered:

Q: How did you scribe the access doors in the side of the body? Was that with a milling machine of some sort?

A: For the scribe lines.  Pretty simple.  A ruler and one of those little tools that is typically used to center punch stuff in plastic.  Not sure if they call them a pin punch or what.  I call it the thing Istick myself with and it is very pointy.  LOL!  Resin (and plastic) is soft enough this tool is very handy for creating cut lines in plastic.  I find it to be more forgiving than a knife edge.  Mainly because the round shape of the punch shaft tends to follow a previous laid path more freely than a knife.  Which loves to wander in new directions.

>>  FYI.  This is also how I scribe the “i” cab lines in the original Kato SD70ACe models.

I probably do both to an extreme.  That is to say not to scale.  I am funny that way.  If scale means hard to see?  I really do not assign scale much value.  That said.  It would be quite possible to stop at one or two passes if you desired a more prototypical depth and width.


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