Two BC Rail C44-9Ws – BCOL 4642 and BCOL 4641(post-rebuild)

Once again due to the great quality of Jeff King’s work I have commissioned him to do a couple more units for me.  Both are GE C44-9WL units and for source photos we used This should display all the CDN alterations.  The rest is mainly common details. C44-9WLpeek_3 C44-9WLpeek_1 C44-9WLpeek_2 Ok.  Now with the initial paint job. -9WL peek_3 -9WL peek_1 -9WL peek_2 And then there were two… -9WL peek_6 -9WL peek_4 -9WL peek_5 Add some weathering, details and decals… BCOL4641-42_5 BCOL4641-42_1 BCOL4641-42_2 BCOL4641-42_3   BCOL4641-42_4 And now turn the lights on.  The observant of you will notice one of the number board lights on the 4642 not working.  This was done on purpose to match the original.  Unfortunately without re-working the whole lighting system we were unable to power the 2nd set of ditch lights.

lts3 lts1